Welcome to F3 Legacy

How Ron started F3 Legacy…

Ron Williams has been in the financial and insurance services industry since 1992, striving to provide the finest service and advice to his clients. Ron is passionate about educating people on how to gain financial freedom, and more specifically how to get people out of debt in nine years or less. Ron’s dedication to helping others in his community get through difficult financial situations led him to start F3 Legacy, where the three F’s stand for Faith, Family, and Finance. Ensuring that his clients’ legacies are kept alive and wishes are made aware to their families is one of the many ways Ron helps his clients at F3 Legacy. Ron consults individuals and families on a multitude of services including retirement or estate planning, debt-free life programs, financial planning, credit repair, education funding, asset and income protection, and various insurance packages.

Ron combines professional dedication and personal commitment to offer helpful financial services while still building meaningful relationships with his clients. He believes that successful client relationships are built on personalized service, consistent communication, authenticity, and trust. Ron values authenticity and honest communication with his clients, therefore he will not try to present a product that is not useful for that individual or family. Ron prides himself on protecting families not selling to them.

Sharing his knowledge and expertise is one of Ron’s favorite aspects of being a part of the financial and insurance field for so long. Ron assists other agents in the business through weekly team calls, setting appointments together, and practicing giving presentations Later in his career, Ron has taken an interest in recruiting other individuals that want to change careers, finally live out their dreams, and become successful agents.

Ron currently resides in Frisco, TX. He is happily married to his wife, Chin of fifteen years, and enjoys spending time and raising his two children, Thai (13) and Jade (12). Ron enjoys getting involved in his community by attending and volunteering at One Community Church in Plano, TX with his family.